Roubo Book Stand Phase 1

20130820-150634.jpg This is my third attempt at a Roubo book stand. The first one went wrong because I marked it wrong. The second one failed due to bad chisel work (not deep enough to split the hinge successfully). The third one worked. I suspect I’ll finish it with a few more details and some smoothing, but it was sort of a proof of concept for an easy sort of “wood puzzle” that has utility around the house.


The hinge is a little tight because the spacing was tight by a millimeter or so; but I suppose I’m just being picky about that. This is really an exercise in doing careful and precise ripping and chisel work.


The only real cut problem was the crosscut to take the front part off— the pine warped while I was cutting it, as you can see, forcing overcuts to get through the bowed part. Easy to sand out, but it took me a minute to figure out what happened. The wood moved after it was ripped.

My paring skills need improvement too. This project really made me lust after a good 1″ old-school paring chisel badly. A nice long handle one with a thin blade would make this sort of work much easier.

I’ve got a nice piece of curly cherry I’d like to make one of these out of, if I get my courage up. Three tries is kind of pitiful to try and get something so simple done.